Now alone again….

I think sometimes we get carried away with things and either forget what we have done, or else just plough on regardless not caring what we have done.  Me, well, I am not really sure which one it is, but, I have just read over my first blog entry on here and I had forgotten most of what I had written.  Which is a shame, seeing as it was about my life and my love of music.  I am playing tunes now, Christmas once, as it happens as it is approaching that time of year.  Sadly, I will be spending it alone this year as Helen, the lady I mentioned in my first post, has gone.  She left at the beginning of October.  Not really sure why.  Only she said she no longer loved me, and needed to ‘find herself’.  Still, she seems happy and we are being civil and firendly which is a blessing.  I have not decided yet what I am going to do for the future.  I am still adjusting to being single again and having more time to do nothing.  Not that I really want to do nothing.  We will see.
I hope that you have got yourself organised for the festive season.  I have been sorting through my music and putting together some playlists to pump out on the pc over the festive period.  As I have said before, I like all sorts of stuff so sometimes the choices can seem a bit strange.  I have discovered that Amazon now sell MP3 tracks, and some quite cheap too.  I managed to get The Circus, the new Take That album for £3.  I have also been able to find some tracks that I have not heard for years, and one or two that I would never have believed I would have found.  I have always like 70’s Dutch band Teach-In.  They won Eurovision in 1975 with a song called Ding-A-Dong.  But they also had a couple of other records out, which I remembered hearing on Radio Nordzee, a station that used to broadcast from a boat in the North Sea off the Dutch coast, and Radio Hilversum 3.  It was a cheerful little song, with a gentle calypso melody running through it.  It was called In The Summernight.  And, guess what, Amazon had it.  I am still wading through the site to see what other gems I might find.  I have been told about some Russian sites that have MP3 tracks going cheap, but I have always been wary as to whether these were legal, or good quality.  And after watching Click I am even more so as it appears most of the online fraud and credit card crime seems to be coming from there.
Anyway that is it for today.  Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year to you all.
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Just Wondering

So, I have just watched Alexandra Burke win X Factor 2008.  Great. I was actually hoping that the young lad from Norther Ireland might have one, but, then what do I know about these things.  But, that is not my reason for sitting at the pc at coming up to 11 pm on a Saturday evening.  I have only done one other blog, ages ago, and I have sort of forgotten what that was about.  It is sad really, I have always loved writing, ever since I was a young lad and yet now that there are ways for me to be creative online, I have not really used them to their full potential.  But, to be honest who ever does.  I mean, there are proffessionals out there for whom writing is a living, and they make hoards of dosh out of it.  But us mortals who blog for fun and amusement well, thankfully that is all it is.
I also watched Strictly Come Dancing earlier, and thought, what a waste.  No one was voted off tonight.  All three couples are in next week’s final.  Probably as a result of John Sergent leaving, which meant they were effectively a couple short for the remained of the series and so they had to find some way of it filling the allotted schedule slots.  But, the standard of dancing has been so high this year.  It is a foolish person who sticks their neck out and predicts the winner.  Even more foolish if they think of placing a bet on it.  Still it will make next Saturday worth waiting for.
The news that Sir Terence Wogan is to give up commentary for BBC tv on Eurovisision has provoked much comment in varies media forums.  The fact that Graham Norton has been selected to replace him hasted with cries of both joy and disappointment, in equal measures.  Grham is one of those presenters you either love or hate.  t depends on if you can understand and tolorate his humour.  I think that Eurovision will be the poorer for the departure of Sir Terry, but times do move on and I suppose that he thought that, as he was stepping down from his Radio 2 show, he might as well leave that too.  Although last weekend on Andrew Marr’s Sunday programme he made no secret of the fact that he felt that the who thing had become and unwheeldy farce with so many countries in it and the crazy political voting that seems to have dogged it in recent years meaning that Western European countries have little hope of actually winning.  It should be remembered the the UK, Spain Germany and France are the biggest contributors to the costs of the whole thing.
That is it for this time.  I am going to try and post regularly so as to get the hang of this blogging lark.  Have a good week.
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Oh What Shall I Do?

It is a Sunday evening and I have just discovered this are of Windows Live. The thing is, as a novice at all this blogging stuff, I am as yet not sure what I am going to do with it. At present, I am sat here, with music coming out of the speakers from my computer, in fact I have put together a playlist of some wonderful Motown tracks and am using OTSDJ as my playout system. Yes, I do like music, and all sorts of it too. Stuff from the 60’s & 70′ mostly but I also like things from the 80′ and a couple of things from more recent times have also captured my attention and interest. I suppose inside, there is a frustrated dj trying to get out. I first got into pop music when I got my first radio way back in 1970.  It was a Christmas present and it went with me everywhere through my time at school in Liverpool to college in Shrewsbury.
     Lets start at the beginning, well, Balham, South West London to be precise because that was where I was born, pn 29th January 1959. Oh that gives away my age, yes, the big five o next January, (all donations welcomed).  I was brought up in Thornton Heath just outside Croydon where I lived until January 1982.  However, in September 1970 I went to St. Vincent’s School for the Blind in Liverpool where I stayed for five years, coming back to Thornton Heath for holidays.  September 1975 saw me go to the Royal National College for the Blind at Rowton astle just outside Shrewsbury and I spent two year there, learning to type, understand A level Geography and who to write braille.
     January 1978 saw me join British Rail at its Shipping & International Service Division at Southern House in Croydon.  I worked there for four happy years before I moved to Coventry where I married and settled down to life working for London Midland Region in the enquiry office at Coventry.  I stayed in Coventry until April 2002 when I moved up to Richmond in North Yorkshire to be with my partner Helen who I met in a chat room called Camdleligt Dinner on Yahoo Chat.  We have been together now for 6 happy years.  Well that is the potted version. I can expand more as time goes by and I will tell you about my interests and likes and dislike.  But for now I am off to listen to some more great Motown sounds.
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