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So, I am back again.  Christmas and New Year but a distant memory now as we are into the second week of March.  All the Irish racing lovers now gearing up for the Cheltenham National Hunt Festival that begins on Tuesday.  I love watching racing on the television.  Not that I know much about it.  I would not know one end of a horse from another. 


I mentioned in my first post that I went to school in Liverpool.  A fine city.  Two great Cathedrals and two fine soccer teams as well.  I supported neither, but that did not stop me enjoying watching either of them play if they were featured on the television.  I was also fortunate enough to go to the Liverpool training ground.  That was arranged by one of our teachers who was a keen fan and obviously had some contacts with the club.  But being in Liverpool also gave me some interesting radio listening with my trusty Wollies transistor radio that I got back in 1970.  Obviously I could hear the four national stations.  I was also able to hear Manx Radio from the Isle of Man and Radio Eireann, as it was known in those days.  But in September 1973, just before the opening of commercial radio in London, the BBC started putting its local radio stations onto medium wave.  By the spring of 1974, Manchester, Merseyside, Stoke and Blackburn could all be picked up by my little radio in Liverpool.  Obviously Merseyside, being based in Liverpool boomed through loud and clear, but during the daytime, Blackburn was not far behind.  To listen to Manchester and Stoke, I had to side next to a radiator or near the TV aerial wire to improve the signal.  In April of 1974 Piccadilly Radio hit the airwaves on 261 metres and thankfully, that had a better signal than BBC Manchester so I could listen to that anywhere in the school.


Oh, they were such lovely times.  Yes, I was away from home and I missed my parents, and my brother, but, I had my radio for company so it broke up the boredom outside of school hours.  Unfortunately, it sometimes got me into trouble.  This was often the case after lights out as I would listen late into the night and sometimes one of the staff on duty would hear it, and have to come and tell me to turn it off. 


Well, that is it for today.  I am getting organised so I really am hoping my updates will be more frequent now.  And, I am going to look into trying to make my blog look more appealing.  Oh before I forget, thanks to Stuart Ashby for your comment.  I am only sorry that with all the stress of my relationship break up, and all the stuff associated with it, that I have not noticed it till today.  Please email me at


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Born in South London. Went to school in Liverpool and college in Shrewsbury. Lived in Coventry while I was married. Now live in Catterick. I like walking and reading as well as listening to music and trying to get my head round computer stuff.
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