Just Wondering

So, I have just watched Alexandra Burke win X Factor 2008.  Great. I was actually hoping that the young lad from Norther Ireland might have one, but, then what do I know about these things.  But, that is not my reason for sitting at the pc at coming up to 11 pm on a Saturday evening.  I have only done one other blog, ages ago, and I have sort of forgotten what that was about.  It is sad really, I have always loved writing, ever since I was a young lad and yet now that there are ways for me to be creative online, I have not really used them to their full potential.  But, to be honest who ever does.  I mean, there are proffessionals out there for whom writing is a living, and they make hoards of dosh out of it.  But us mortals who blog for fun and amusement well, thankfully that is all it is.
I also watched Strictly Come Dancing earlier, and thought, what a waste.  No one was voted off tonight.  All three couples are in next week’s final.  Probably as a result of John Sergent leaving, which meant they were effectively a couple short for the remained of the series and so they had to find some way of it filling the allotted schedule slots.  But, the standard of dancing has been so high this year.  It is a foolish person who sticks their neck out and predicts the winner.  Even more foolish if they think of placing a bet on it.  Still it will make next Saturday worth waiting for.
The news that Sir Terence Wogan is to give up commentary for BBC tv on Eurovisision has provoked much comment in varies media forums.  The fact that Graham Norton has been selected to replace him hasted with cries of both joy and disappointment, in equal measures.  Grham is one of those presenters you either love or hate.  t depends on if you can understand and tolorate his humour.  I think that Eurovision will be the poorer for the departure of Sir Terry, but times do move on and I suppose that he thought that, as he was stepping down from his Radio 2 show, he might as well leave that too.  Although last weekend on Andrew Marr’s Sunday programme he made no secret of the fact that he felt that the who thing had become and unwheeldy farce with so many countries in it and the crazy political voting that seems to have dogged it in recent years meaning that Western European countries have little hope of actually winning.  It should be remembered the the UK, Spain Germany and France are the biggest contributors to the costs of the whole thing.
That is it for this time.  I am going to try and post regularly so as to get the hang of this blogging lark.  Have a good week.

About briwinter

Born in South London. Went to school in Liverpool and college in Shrewsbury. Lived in Coventry while I was married. Now live in Catterick. I like walking and reading as well as listening to music and trying to get my head round computer stuff.
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