Oh What Shall I Do?

It is a Sunday evening and I have just discovered this are of Windows Live. The thing is, as a novice at all this blogging stuff, I am as yet not sure what I am going to do with it. At present, I am sat here, with music coming out of the speakers from my computer, in fact I have put together a playlist of some wonderful Motown tracks and am using OTSDJ as my playout system. Yes, I do like music, and all sorts of it too. Stuff from the 60’s & 70′ mostly but I also like things from the 80′ and a couple of things from more recent times have also captured my attention and interest. I suppose inside, there is a frustrated dj trying to get out. I first got into pop music when I got my first radio way back in 1970.  It was a Christmas present and it went with me everywhere through my time at school in Liverpool to college in Shrewsbury.
     Lets start at the beginning, well, Balham, South West London to be precise because that was where I was born, pn 29th January 1959. Oh that gives away my age, yes, the big five o next January, (all donations welcomed).  I was brought up in Thornton Heath just outside Croydon where I lived until January 1982.  However, in September 1970 I went to St. Vincent’s School for the Blind in Liverpool where I stayed for five years, coming back to Thornton Heath for holidays.  September 1975 saw me go to the Royal National College for the Blind at Rowton astle just outside Shrewsbury and I spent two year there, learning to type, understand A level Geography and who to write braille.
     January 1978 saw me join British Rail at its Shipping & International Service Division at Southern House in Croydon.  I worked there for four happy years before I moved to Coventry where I married and settled down to life working for London Midland Region in the enquiry office at Coventry.  I stayed in Coventry until April 2002 when I moved up to Richmond in North Yorkshire to be with my partner Helen who I met in a chat room called Camdleligt Dinner on Yahoo Chat.  We have been together now for 6 happy years.  Well that is the potted version. I can expand more as time goes by and I will tell you about my interests and likes and dislike.  But for now I am off to listen to some more great Motown sounds.

About briwinter

Born in South London. Went to school in Liverpool and college in Shrewsbury. Lived in Coventry while I was married. Now live in Catterick. I like walking and reading as well as listening to music and trying to get my head round computer stuff.
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